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Wall Ball Master

Stick Skills

The ability to throw and catch equally well with BOTH the left and right hand are incredibly important for all lacrosse players.  Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to lacrosse stick skill proficiency. Wall Ball is a practice technique used by many of today's top players to develop their stick skills. Every good lax player has spent time on the wall. The best have spent the most. 

In an effort to encourage our own Brookwood Youth Lacrosse players to improve their individual stick skills, we are proud to introduce the Bronco Wall Ball Master program.  The Bronco Wall Ball Master program provides every Brookwodd Youth Lacrosse player with the opportunity to earn the coveted Bronco Wall Ball Master shooter shirt.   Boys and Girls in each age group can earn the Bronco Wall Ball Master shooter shirt by completing the Bronco Wall Ball Master test for their specific age group.  The Bronco Wall Ball Master test requires each player to demonstrate their ability to throw and catch the ball using a number of different throwing and catching techniques.  

Earning the Bronco Wall Ball Master shooter shirt is not an easy task.  It will require dedication and hard work, on the wall, outside of regular practices and games.  In fact, it is very unlikely any player will be able to step up and complete the two minute stick skill test without having first spent a considerable amount of time on the wall.  The following recommendations will help your son avoid hours of frustration and significantly improve his chances of earning the coveted Bronco Wall Ball shooter shirt.

  1. Be sure to use the correct fundamentals

The test is much easier when the player is using the correct fundamentals.  The correct fundamentals include your stance, shoulder positioning, grip, footwork, throwing motion, etc.  Players with poor fundamentals are slower and must work much harder to complete the test.  Poor fundamentals also increase the risk of mistakes, in this case dropped balls. 

  1. Do NOT practice by taking the test over and over and over. Do the Wall Ball Drills!

It is easy to spot players that practice by taking the test over and over and over again as they typically get through the first or second skill easily, but then struggle in the later skills.  They also grow tired and get frustrated easily.  Please encourage your players to work on the recommended Wall Ball Drills found in this section of the website until they are able to comfortably complete each workout within a 20 to 30 minute time frame.  At that point, they will be ready to earn their shirt.

Please review the following pages to learn more about PROPER wall ball fundamentals, the recommended wall ball practice drills for each age group and details regarding the Bronco Wall Ball Master test for each age group.

Thank you, good luck, and HIT THE WALL!

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